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REMPLAN 3 is a user friendly regional economic analysis software package with training and support provided by Compelling Economics. REMPLAN software clients have access to a dynamic economic modelling capability and detailed regional economic data for up to 109 different industry sectors.

Regions are defined by single, or combinations of, local government areas. For any actual or hypothetical economic change in a region, REMPLAN users can assess the direct and flow-on implications across industry sectors in terms of employment, wages and salaries, output and Gross Regional Product for a region.

REMPLAN 3 is the essential tool for economic and business development professionals within local government, state and federal government agencies, universities and private companies. REMPLAN 3 also provides an impressive capability to consulting firms which service these sectors.

REMPLAN 3 Tourism Analysis Module™

  • Modelling the flow-on benefits across industry sectors in the local economy of tourism and visitation
  • Profiling the Tourism Sector‘s contributions to output, employment, wages & salaries, value-added and Gross Regional Product in the local economy

REMPLAN 3 Gap Analysis Module

The Gap Analysis Module integrates with REMPLAN and automates and organises the process of identifying potential opportunities for import replacement, increased value-adding and supply chain development, for up to 109 industry sectors. The Gap Analysis Module has been designed to be easy to use with compelling graphs, tables and charts together with informative commentary. A formal background in economics is not required.

REMPLAN 3 Workforce Analysis Module

The Workforce Analysis Module expands on the standard employment profile in REMPLAN to provide additional insights into the workforce. Information about workers in 109 industry sectors is provided including their occupations, English proficiency, proficiency in languages other than English, weekly wages and salaries, age, qualifications, methods of travel to work, weekly hours worked and where people working in your area live.